CCN – While getting caught up in all the craze that dominated the press headlines and social media status updates, many folks went out and bought some Bitcoin. Others went ahead and started trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some saw the massive gains and invested all of their money into crypto.

Then, just as cryptocurrency prices were breaking through all-time highs in January, the market crashed. Many people were left scratching their heads as to why their accounts were down, and prices were falling. They were warned about the market volatility, but Bitcoin was up, and everyone was making tons of money.

Crypto Price Trends

The recent cryptocurrency price crash left many newcomers frustrated and sour towards the market, and resentful towards cryptocurrencies. However, many of the experienced traders and investors kept pointing to the previous crypto market crashes and asking how this one was any different.

Threads flooded BitcoinTalk with people panicking about their huge losses as they bought at the recent market top. Plenty of people chimed in and provided past examples of how the market reacted similarly, and that the crypto markets experience these vast price swings on a yearly basis.

The reality is, the crypto markets have crashed many times before, just like this past event at the beginning of 2018. And they will most likely experience future crashes as well, as the industry develops and matures. But so far, the crypto markets have been in a big uptrend overall and look poised to continue.

There’s room for encouragement. To dismiss all the recent naysayers, crypto proponents have pointed to yearly price trends that account for dips in the market and rationalize that those market corrections are, and have been, healthy for its overall growth.

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Here’s a breakdown of how cryptocurrencies have fared each of the past few years, and how this price dip might be part of a larger trend.

May 2011