Gold In Storage

Meets A New Working Partner

Gold Finally Goes To Work

Gold hoarder(s) will seek out JITLA GOLD management to exchange their physical gold for .G Coins that produce immediate and greater value in terms of purchasing power, 100% to be exact, above physical gold spot of the day and earn a pro-rate share of profit from their .G Coin holdings.  Bulk gold goes from idle to work and fully insured.  At the same time merchants will purchase .G Coins to obtain access, to an ocean of buyers. The merchant (sellers) will pay their customers using .G Coin to stop by their websites and physical locations. No obligation to buy. To make the process symbiotic a “JITLA GOLD CARD” (Debit) may be issued for ease of use like any debit card in use today.

Weighed 24/7


All JITLA GOLD vaults are on scales, the gold content is weighed down to each brick, all JITLA GOLD vaults are linked together.

The Scale Of Truth

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 10.42.16 PM



issued in total by gold weight are balanced against the total gold by weight in all JITLA GOLD vaults.

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