Blockchain Skills? Hired! $120,000+ Plus Bonus!

    News Blockchain this and blockchain that might be so much hype, but no one can deny hundreds of millions of dollars, some say billions, sloshing around the ecosystem in search of advancing technology undergirding cryptocurrencies. There’s a battle in even the broader...

    Google tries hiring Vitalik Buterin for a secret Crypto project

    In a recent tweet, Vitalik Buterin posted a screenshot of a mail from Google with a job offer for him. He posted the mail, along with a follow-up tweet which had a poll asking his followers if he should take up Google’s offer. In his original tweet, Vitalik failed to...

    A Hands-On Review of the Keepkey Hardware Wallet

    Wallets Hardware wallets, like the cryptocurrency stored within them, can provoke strong emotions in their owners. Hodlers like what they like, and that’s the end of the matter. If the first hardware wallet you bought was a Ledger, you’re probably Ledger for life....

    Philippines Economic Zone Welcomes Cryptocurrency Startups

    Image: Philippines Flag, PixabayThe Cagayan Special Economic Zone has signed up the first 15 offshore fintech companies to locate in its new fintech and blockchain hub, among which several cryptocurrency and blockchain startups including CoinBundle, Madison Blockchain...

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